Berlin MaN-y-LANDS 
Berlin MAN-y-LANDS is an ongoing project started in 2017 in Berlin.
One stool, one light, one camera and the magic begins.
It always mesmerises me how much is hidden behind a face, 
the invisible scars we keep inside, untold, and the beauty we hold without saying words.
This is my tribute to the people who are fighting to pursue their dreams​​​​​​​
Adonai is an emergent artist who lives and works in Bologna-Italy. He is a second generation Italian, his family is originally from Eritrea. His work combines different techniques and medias, creating a balance and a dialogue among the three main reference points of an artwork: Space, Medium and Form. He uses up-cycled materials to create his masterpieces. These find interaction with the observer recalling each ones' subjective perceptions.
"We are an ongoing-in-the-making-product of our life experiences and the influences of the World surrounding."
Adonai Sebhatu

in between 
Mattia Cacciatori is an award winning photojournalist, who decided to became a shepherd. After his last trip to Istanbul in 2013, where he was arrested during the Taksim Square protests, he decided to take a break from photojournalism and to dedicate himself on bio-projects in his Homeland, Veneto-Italy, combining old rural traditions with modern techniques of biological production and cultivation in order to protect the environment and ecosystem. 
During the summer of 2019 I spent few days with Mattia, his dogs and his herd documenting his life during the transhumance. With no electricity, no services and no running water, living in a small caravan located on the top of a hill, time and rhythm of life became slower and nature-connected. 
"(...) I am a shepherd and I live on the mountains surrounding Verona. Together with my dogs, I take care of a herd of sheep and goats. Day after day we are on the mountains, together as a whole. One could not survive without the other. Rain, sun, fog, snow and wind. I am grateful I found the strength to change my life. Until a couple of years ago I was a documentary photographer and I travelled around the World spending my days far away from Home, constantly looking for stories to tell. I used to nourish my Soul with knowledge but at some point, I realised that the awareness of myself was going missing and I deeply wanted to be part of a whole. I, in fact, as a part of the individualistic consumer-society, was missing the bound to Her, Pacha Mama, Gaia, Mother Land. Today my life is made of little things but I can feel my Self again and as a part of the Nature around me. This interdependence scares me a bit but it also makes this bond stronger".
Mattia Cacciatori  
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